As the Democrats take the House, Trump fires Sessions

The 2018 midterms didn’t quite have the blue wave that the Democrats hoped for, but they were able to secure The House of Representatives for themselves, which brings an assurance of some level of checks and balances back to our governing system. Notably, Beto O’Rourke fought a very close battle against his incumbent in Texas, Ted Cruz. Although he lost to Cruz eventually by about 1,000 votes, he’s certainly garnered himself a lot of attention. We’ll be watching Beto’s career with great interest.


Following the elections, Trump turned up his rhetoric against someone he used to talk very fondly about, Jeff Sessions.

For those that don’t know, Jeff Sessions was one of Trump’s earliest supporters in the White House during his campaign, and because of this, Mr. Sessions recused himself from the investigation, instead putting forward Rosenstein. Although originally this was done to ensure a fair and impartial investigation, as the investigation has gone forward, Trump has become increasingly and public ally critical of Mr. Sessions.

Now Mr. Trump has gone so far as to request Mr. Sessions’ resignation, putting forth an acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, who has shown himself to be publically opposed to the investigation. It’s feared that Whitaker will shut down or seriously hinder the investigation now that he is essentially in control of its fate.

Many in opposition are planning protests of this action in larger cities across the nation. These protests are scheduled to take place, especially near Capitols across the nation, on November 8th. People hope a swift show of strong opposition from the public to Trump asking for Session’s resignation will protect the integrity of the investigation.

It remains to be seen what the investigation will bring forth next.

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