Federal Appeals Court upholds SB54

Last Tuesday a Federal Appeals Court, specifically the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, upheld the controversial election law, which allows candidates to circumvent the party’s caucuses, gathering signatures from local citizens to have their name placed on the primary ballot.


The Utah GOP was staunchly opposed to SB54, surely seeing it as a loss of power and control in their own elections. They went so far as suing the state over the law, causing a deep divide within the party between candidates that see it as a threat and candidates that might use it to ensure their own spot on the ballot.


The legal proceedings have accrued immense legal fees, but that doesn’t seem to be a stumbling block for the opposition to the bill. Entrata CEO Dave Bateman stated that he was willing to pay for the legal costs going forward statingĀ “If it has to go to the Supreme Court, I will pay every penny of that, if I have to.”


This seems to bode well for the Utah Democratic party, as the opposition to SB54 indicates dissent within the Republican party, and may split the vote amongst Republican candidates when elections come.

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