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    This is very valid point. While the loss of freshwater flow to the Great Salt Lake would be detrimental to Utah’s economy, it would cause national, if not global consequences as well. The Great Salt Lake (GSL) is the only producer of Magnesium in the entire North American continent. Magnesium is used as an aluminum alloy, and when these two metals bond together, they make the aluminum much lighter in weight, but also gives it strength. This compound is used in many household and commercial items that are used today. If the water levels within the Great Salt Lake continue to drop as they are, it is unlikely that the magnesium produced by the GSL could continue to be extracted. Therefore, apart from a small production in Brazil, the world would have to rely on China being the only source for the metal. This would cause prices to skyrocket, not only for the metal itself, but also for the everyday household items that we rely on. It is in the best economic interest of Utah, and the rest of the world, to continue to allow freshwater flow into the GSL.

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