Harboring Communication

One of the most common ways people voice their concern about issues in politics is by leaving a voicemail for an official, expressing their viewpoint. When many people do this, it can help alert an official that their voter base cares about an issue, but this is a very rudimentary system. There is rarely any return communication from an official in this situation, and the most you can do is hope that they hear your message and act upon it. Ourwrites.org aims to improve this process by polling users to determine the issues they care about, and then fielding interviews with the officials that affect this.


Through this, a transparent dialogue is opened. Officials can be brought actual numbers about how many users care about which issues, and they can address each issue based on its importance.


Through research by our staff of current events, and of opinions expressed in our open forum, Ourwrites.org will host polls to determine which officials users are most interested in, and what issues relating to these officials are the most important. Once an important issue has been determined, Ourwrites.org will field an interview with the official, and opening a dialogue between Ourwrites.org users and politicians.

An example poll relating to which elected official users might be concerned about:
Mike Lee, US Senator, Utah


Orrin G. Hatch, US Senator, Utah

Mike Lee, US Senator, Utah0


OurWrites.org offers every user access to our forums, where you can discuss your concerns and ask the important questions. Through the use of these forums, we hope to develop an ever-evolving conversation, gaining insight into what’s important to you, as an OurWrites.org member.

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