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    Before going and spending almost 2 billion dollars on a dam to increase water supply a look at how we use our current water is something much more affordable and could prove to be much more cost effective in relation to the amount of water “found”. According to the Utah Rivers Council, a large portion of water is wasted through over watering and mistimed watering of landscaped property ( The first step in order to ensure water for the future would be to enact further conservation efforts through education, enforcement of current policies, and change how we look at landscaping and water use all together. Even with a growing population, a look at HOW we use the current supply, WHY we use it for what we do (Nobody needs their entire yard to be grass and lush plants in a desert), and WHAT can change in order to decrease the usage all together making more water readily available for the future when the need for water continues to grow. This could also extend to the farming sector in terms of more sustainable watering practices.

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